Don’t you ever wonder if you could do better? In District 106, I’ve watched year after year. No choice has been available in our election for the Georgia House of Representatives. If there’s no choice, there’s no democracy. I’ve spoken with my neighbors. I’ve been involved in the community. I’ve watched my children grow up with this district. I know there are people out there also looking for more. I’m one of those people.

So here’s my deal for you. Send me to the Statehouse, and I will fight for transit expansion. I will take your commute seriously. Life is too short to spend it in traffic! I will fight for health care coverage for every Georgian – a family doctor for every family.

I will fight to get our public schools funded and our teachers paid what they deserve. Your children should have the best. This issue is too important to be left to career politicians. Roads. Doctors. Schools. The people of District 106 deserve a choice.

Vote for Emily Leslie and reclaim your voice. You are the people of 106. You are not a rubber-stamp district. You deserve better.


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