Economy and Labor

If we truly want an economy that helps all Georgians thrive, we need people-powered solutions.

Help working parents afford child care through targeted tax breaks. Increased funding for adult education, literacy, and skills training.

 Women of color and Immigrants are Georgia’s most successful entrepreneurs and yet remain left out of government contracts and do not have access to capital. 

We should be alleviating the tax burden being shouldered by working-class families. All corporations that operate in Georgia, both domestic and foreign, need to pay their fair share of taxes. I support enacting a corporate minimum tax. We need to trim back tax breaks for big business and invest in healthcare, education and strengthen Georgia’s communities. 

Union Strong

I come from a family whose fight for Worker’ rights has never stopped. My Uncle and his wife Nancy, who was a nun actually met on a Picket line. Soon after she decided to leave the convent and marry my Uncle. They went on to work sided by side with Caesar Chavez to form  United Farm Workers. They lived what they believed in, from getting jobs in Copper mines with the sole purpose of organizing the workers to moving from their home in Arizona to lead the Grape Boycott right here in Atlanta for two years. I am proud to say that my Paternal Grandfather organized his local Steelworkers union and my family has fought hard and sacrificed personal safety and at times their freedom so that we can all have a fighting chance at equality and rights in the workplace.  I am proud of this legacy and it serves as a testament to the power we, the people have when we stand together for justice and equality.

Unions amplify the voices of the working class, recognize diversity as a strength, and know inclusion is integral to a strong economy and a strong democracy. Unions work for gender equality and social and economic justice. Unions set the precedent for workplace safety and equity for all workers. The racial and gender gaps, growing hostility towards immigrants, and our state’s exclusion of people of color from financial opportunities, loans, quality education, and gainful employment are counterproductive to our State’s economic growth. Unions seek to dismantle these oppressive barriers by mobilizing, advocating, and representing the interests of all working people from all backgrounds and gender identities. 

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