Our Schools

The intellectual, emotional, and physical education of our students should be a top priority.

Students and teachers deserve to have a positive learning environment, and all children have the right to a Quality Public Education. Our schools should be a place where both teachers and students feel safe and supported. Improving pay, Enhancing Education Programs, Supporting, Protecting and strengthening our Teachers and Empowering districts to invest in proven solutions especially in high-need schools.

Implementation of a multi-year plan to increase educator’s salaries.

Fully Fund Public Schools and Pre-K along with fully staffing schools to provide vital programs that address the intellectual, physical and emotional needs of ALL students. Art, music, P.E, Counseling and Peer Support.  By implementing a whole health model to interventions that focus on coping and communication skills development, we can equip students with skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.

Secure employment contracts for Education Support Professionals and provide a secure state salary schedule and improve benefits.

Invest In Policies that provide adequate and fair funding for all of Georgia’s schools.

Prohibit Performance Pay Plans that have not been developed by the entire school faculty.

Secure Collective bargaining rights for all public school employees. This process determines everything from wages and health benefits to hours and working conditions. This would provide all public school employees with a voice and legally binding contract that clearly outlines employees’ rights and benefits.

Prevent all voucher initiatives and privatization of Public School services by restricting education funding to Public School programs and services. During the time I served as the Chair of our local school council I was able to see first hand the results of performance pay and the need for supports for teachers and students, particularly when it came to ESL and students with a Disability. As the parent of a student with a disability, I know the challenges and the anxiety of walking into IEP or 504 meetings.  My educational background is in Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. As a trained advocate I am able to be effective in being an ally for my own son. But I still become frustrated and know Georgia can do better, we must. Vouchers are not the answer.



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