Climate and Conservation

Nothing is more urgent than the need to take action when faced with the reality of the Climate Crisis. I will advocate for science-based solutions that focus on land conservation, habitat protection, and sustainable technologies. A healthy environment and economy can co-exist, and I will support solutions for climate change that are equitable for those who are most vulnerable. Georgia must do its part to safeguard the climate and adopt clean energy solutions that protect our air, soil, water, and wildlife.

We need to preserve our green spaces and ensure the expansion and conservation of Georgia’s trails and National Recreation areas.

Ban single use plastics and styrofoam.

Protect our Rivers and downstream neighbors by supporting a fairly enforced buffer law. We need transit solutions and safe drinking water in our schools and give Georgians the ability to repair broken electronics rather than toss them.

We must acknowledge the climate crisis and act accordingly. The environment needs advocacy and a seat at every table. Our kids aren’t just counting on us to make decisions that keep their playgrounds and parks clean. They are counting on us to protect their future.

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