Who We Are


Zain Lilani

Campaign Manager


Kat Mulvaney

Executive Director


Esau Alston

Field Operations

“After Gwinnett County flipped blue in 2016, I realized that people who look like and think like me can make a difference in local politics. Gwinnett is one of the most diverse counties in the Southeast, and we need local leaders that embrace the strength of diversity and acceptance, rather than to being hostile against it. Emily is the type of leader we need here in Gwinnett, thanks to her commitment to making Gwinnett a welcoming place for all. I enjoy working with her, and our team because we all share progressive values and acceptance. Together, we will flip HD106!”
Saif Issani

Policy Research / Data Analysis

“To influence people’s lives, I believe you have to reach out and listen to them first. Not speak at them. I wanted to support a campaign that was inclusive and open to new, sustainable solutions to problems in my community. I joined Emily’s campaign because she’s willing to expand the conversation on issues like transportation, and access for people living with disabilities, to those affected.”

Xan-Rhea Bilal

Volunteer Coordinator


Vincent Olsziewski


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