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“The first election I was able to vote in was the 2016 primary. What I came to realize was the only way to truly help the people around me was to get involved with leaders I believed in. Gwinnett county is an amazing and diverse place and I want to do everything I can to make sure the people who live here are well taken care of by someone as genuine and truly caring as Emily. And I know together, we can flip the 106 in 2020!”

Cassie Reid

Photography/Graphic Design

“To influence people’s lives, I believe you have to reach out and listen to them first. Not speak at them. I wanted to support a campaign that was inclusive and open to new, sustainable solutions to problems in my community. I joined Emily’s campaign because she’s willing to expand the conversation on issues like transportation, and access for people living with disabilities, to those affected.”

Xan-Rhea Bilal

Volunteer Coordinator

“I have been a political activist for forty years and have worked in countless campaigns during that time. I have come to the conclusion that hard work, community support, and most importantly, real values that you are passionate about, are the keys to a successful campaign. Emily Leslie has all of these.

In addition to being a political activist, I am also a disability rights activist. I try to educate any campaign I work with about the issues important to people with disabilities, and ways to make a campaign more accessible. Emily has not only been willing to listen, she has sought out more information and tried to educate herself.

Emily has shown me she believes in a society that is inclusive of all people. She has made reaching out to the diverse population of her district, and beyond, a cornerstone of her campaign. I applaud her for this, hoping that it will become the norm in campaigns in the future. Our strength as a country is our diversity and we should celebrate it.”

Vincent Olsziewski


Thomas White


“The 2020 elections are here? No time to wait. We must move forward with haste and determination. Let’s elect Democrats! My goal is to campaign for economic and political stability in my community (Snellville) and Gwinnett proper. I will be working to elect a candidate that shares my political and economic views. This campaign will be about the grass roots, people-to-people involvement in Snellville and surrounding areas. Let us get to work!”

Esau Alston

Field Operations

“After Gwinnett County flipped blue in 2016, I realized that people who look like and think like me can make a difference in local politics. Gwinnett is one of the most diverse counties in the Southeast, and we need local leaders that embrace the strength of diversity and acceptance, rather than to being hostile against it. Emily is the type of leader we need here in Gwinnett, thanks to her commitment to making Gwinnett a welcoming place for all. I enjoy working with her, and our team because we all share progressive values and acceptance. Together, we will flip HD106!”
Saif Issani

Policy Research / Data Analysis

“I’ve always wanted to be civically engaged but never felt like it was the right time. I always felt that I was too busy, too inexperienced, too green. I never knew how to get started, or who to talk to, or what to get started with — that was until I met Emily. I chose to get involved with this campaign because I truly believe that a group of people should be governed with the needs of all in mind, not just a few; and I feel that Emily shares my values of respect, work ethic, and compassion.”

Chance Brown

Campaign Manager

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